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About Us

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LVR Technologies

Live Virtual Reality (LVR) Technologies is a new capability offering that has been recently launched to capture our realism technology. Our vision is to take immersive technology to best aid the development and enhancement of Cultural, Education, Sporting and Defence industries.

Secure & Innovate Group is the parent company to LVR Technologies.

Secure & Innovate Group

Secure and Innovate Group (S&IG) formed in November 2019. As an Australian, Veteran owned company, we have the capability to provide strategic advisory services right down to deep software development. Growing and preserving our nation's technical talent is at the core of our values. S&IG designs, builds and delivers unique innovative technologies across multiple industries. S&IG works to disrupt the sporting and national security sector, with a view of enhanced training and realism for our end-users. We stand to contribute to our nation's success by empowering our local Sovereign capability

How we do it
Our story

LVR Capabilities

Virtual Reality

We are partnered with Teslasuit, a company building full body haptic suits, ready to build and deploy various simulated training scenarios.

We are also proud to be a partner of VRgineers who provide the first 8KHD VR headset. Our vision for this is to run air/land/sea-based simulations

Augmented Reality 

We have collaborated with government clients to create an immersive mobile application, allowing users to see the characteristics of their services through a different lens. Our capabilities also expand to users being able to view tours from anywhere, without having to physically visit the venue.

Haptic Glove

The Teslasuit Glove allows users to feel virtual objects using a combination of their award-winning technology. A light-weight exoskeleton glove combines four systems to deliver immersion like never before. A combination of haptics, force-feedback, motion capture and biometry add even greater realism to virtual reality. The ability to now feel and touch virtual objects opens up endless possibilities to accelerate mastery and amplify human performance in training, rehabilitation and simulated environments.


Our business is 100% owned by veterans who hold a proud history of serving across the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern Regions.

Partners and projects
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Contact Us

(02) 6198 3388

Level 1, The Realm, 18 National Circuit,

Barton ACT 2600

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