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Haptic Glove

The Teslasuit Glove allows users to feel virtual objects using a combination of our award-winning technology. A light-weight exoskeleton glove combines four systems to deliver immersion like never before. A combination of haptics, force-feedback, motion capture and biometry add even greater realism to virtual reality. The ability to now feel and touch virtual objects opens up endless possibilities to accelerate mastery and amplify human performance in training, rehabilitation and simulated environments. 

Motion Capture

Teslasuit’s Integrated skeletal and 3D kinematic motion capture tracks human body interaction within the virtual training environment.

Innovative Approach to Training

It provides a deeper

sensory immersion in VR

and XR environments,

enabling users to safely

experience stressful realistic

hazardous scenarios.


It’s integrated biometric system gathers real-time data from users while training – which can be used to relay emotional state, stress level, and key health indicators.

Haptic Feedback Suit

Teslasuit’s full body haptic feedback system is built into the suit and can be engaged on actions, on demand, or in response to motion capture comparison.  This electro-stimulation improves the learning experience by increasing immersion, fostering 360-degree awareness and engaging muscle memory.


XTAL VRgineers

XTAL Headset

This high resolution headset for professionals has a best-in-class crystal clear image.

It has superb, uncompromising 8K image and

true colours.

Thanks to high-density LED displays and exceptionally clear custom-built lenses, you see the finest detail. The XTAL headset is designed to give users a deep immersive experience.



Portable MiST

Portable MiST system is the most compact MiST available, designed as an easily portable training device. Portable MiST fits into two rugged cases and can be transported by a single person using the embedded wheels. It is an efficient entry-level device for VR-enhanced synthetic training. 




✔    1x XTAL VR headset

✔    1x Lighthouse 2.0 transportable tracking system

✔    2x military-grade cases with integrated wheels

       enabling easy transport

✔    1x 3DOF motion platform simulating Heave (3 cm),

       Roll (± 7°) and Pitch (± 6°) move-ments


✔    1x Fixed-wing Aircraft controls: Control stick, 2

       Thrust levers and Rudders

✔    1x Computer in an IP-67 certified case

✔    1x Lockheed Martin’s Preapr3D Professional Plus license

✔    1 year of world-wide VRG Online Technical Support


✔    Assembly & Integration

✔    Shipping to Australia (estimated)

✔    Support for all major simulation SW suites such as                                 Prepar3D, X-Plane 11, AeroFly FS2, DCS World,                                       Bohemia Interactive Simulations VBS3, VBS4 and Blue IG





The Voyager 8 chassis provides uninterruptible power for  up to eight Voyager network modules, or up to four secure  network enclaves, with wide ranging AC and DC power input.  The chassis is housed in a carbon fiber transit case that meets  airline carry-on size requirements. Modules are severable,  may be independently battery backed, and are able to be  remotely powered from the Voyager 8 chassis.

Voyager 8 systems can be stacked to form a company  command post or higher echelon network support package.  Further, for Command and Control On The Move (C2OTM),  airborne en route, or other rackmount environments, the  Voyager 8 chassis can be removed from the case and mounted  in a standard 19” rack.

Voyage 8-04.png

■ Routing & switching


■ Server virtualization

■ Radio integration

■ VoIP

■ Storage

■ WAN acceleration

■ Satellite, terrestrial and cellular backhaul

■ Can be configured as a tactical data storage network, tactical radio integration system, cross domain suite and more

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